What is your likes and dislikes of Second Life?

After 3,5 year in SL i can honestly tell what is the mine! ;)

  • Good playground for creativity
  • Live music events - DJs, singers
  • SL can be cruel to good people, but after all can be a "less painful" but a hard lesson to learn about fake people. Once you learn it, you will be clever and stronger in RL aswell. 
  • Meeting REAL people... uh huh... this part is probably the most rare of SL world BUT can happen... and the best example is my own hubby that i met in SL first. He is my everything.
  • If you need to laugh you butt off, don't be afraid and go crazy. Remember most of SL people don't take SL serious... so... why so serious? :P  

And now the easier part!! ahahahahahahahahhaahhaha

  • Fake girls and guys that only look for a human "pet", someone to fill the partner box and pay your rent or another pair of shoes. Really that's pathetic.
  • People play with others feelings, being married in RL, hiding some stuff and creating a fake world in others eyes... i mean, just because in SL you can be whoever you wan't doesn't mean you can treat other people like trash, right?
  • Copybotters, griefers, beggers, creepy people sending me weird stuff.
  • Pseudo divas and guys who think think they are more than they really are...
  • In theory SL goes on... to me got a lil boring, hmm... well, i live my RL at first. ;)
  • And once again....

Have a nice day all! ;)

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