Titanium Club Opens Doors!

Hi sweeties! Wow, last night we rocked like never before! Over 50 people came to rock with me and celebrate the Grand Opening of Titanium Club! And even though i never take PM hours in SL for my work, i did this exeption for my sweet friend Jammy Delicioso. She is the general manager. I was pretty much telling my friends i felt so weird at this hour although when i saw how many people arrived and enjoyed, i was really happy and surprised. :D
I want to thank all my followers, my bros... especially Micky and Skribble! The whole list of DJs for last night included so many more than just me. Regret if you missed it. ;)
The club belogs to Devil Balzibo and her hubby, my older friends i used to work for in past. That club didn't go as well as Titanium though. Congrats on that! 
You have some good people in the staff now. :P

I also did a pre-opening set for my other friend's (Bond Charisma) club, C-Revolution... lol. I am busy lately? YES. But soon i get back to my RL work to im enjoying my sets all i can and trying to share it with my friends! I have a rule of my work schedule in SL... never take shifts if i have to spin everyday... i prefer 2-3 sets per week. However, there is so many friends asking me for work now, i can't say no if it's a good opportunity to make a kickass party! 
There is one thing i miss so much in my Second Life though, that i have in my RL (thanks God).
That is my hubby's music. Josef Kurka is my favorite DJ, and i don't admit that only because he is my partner... but i used to follow his sets before all. We worked together in some clubs and still. We are one. No one is giving so much happiness in it's sets as Jo does. I would never reach so far in my job if not him. I got more confidence thanks to him. He will always be my mentor in that.
And i say that, his oldest follower... and personal pain in the butt. ;)
As soon as our RL stuff give us more time for SL, i hope we will be able to prove you what i just said. I am Karo, and i am addicted to electro music. :D

[2012/08/24 15:40]  Micky A.B. (mickyab.babii):
 [15:39] harliquin Taurus: i love it
 [15:40] harliquin Taurus: we can't miss any more of her gigs
 [15:40] harliquin Taurus: lol

[2012/08/24 15:34]  נαвzσℓ (jabzol): wooho
[2012/08/24 15:34]  נαвzσℓ (jabzol): your music turn me on...
[2012/08/24 15:34]  נαвzσℓ (jabzol): haha

See you on sunday at 4AM at Beachwood Club! 

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