Shopping spree vs blogging?

Why this subject?
Basically because lately it's raising up and the amount of "bloggers" is pretty much on a different level. (i know the differences but lemme tell ya about other thing...)
Why blogging?
Perhaps because it's more common nowadays than ever? Or... you are free to share or save your best memories (or random stuff) - thats my option... OR... people decide to blog because of the free items they receive while they post about fashion? Thats right. Fashion bloggers are everywhereeeeeeee! I briefly remember such a big amount in past... i have to admit, i have my favorite ones, which i REALLY love for great images, style and taste! Always up to date and all the newest releases. However, when i look through some less known blogs and i see a bunch of ultra pixelish snapshots + horrible models... usually can't fit any mesh so the items don't look like i wanna buy them at all. Uh. Pardon ladies, but when you get things for free, and you're a "blogger"... give US readers this good taste of them in your pics. Creators DO expect that, and so do we.
I read one article in past about this thing... it was completely what was bugging my head about SL blogging.
Not everyone feels for it's job and having a blog only to get free stuff is simply pathetic.
I never been into fashion blogging since it's not my main "hobby" in SL. Im into clubs, deejaying and spending time with friends. Anyway, hard work of bloggers is clearly visible. I adore those who put so much effort in every single post, to make their followers appreciated and make our shopping so much easier. :)

I think i did not say anything but my honest opinion. A lot of us have to work hard to shop in SL and things have to be on a good level with the creators and us.

Kisses! ;)

Sexy Pink Heart