Hands up and touch the sky!

Ahh god lol. I know i write about Josef so much sometimes but i can't help he makes my cheeks pink all the time! We been a couple for so long now and still it's just a beginning of all. Our friendship was very strong and we needed eachother so much. Till now and tomorrow prolly too! :)  However, Second Life is not changing so much to us... well... we became less social since real life came as first but of course i want to say huge thanks to our sweet friends who follow this blog not because of any specific purpose but to see what's up with us. Especially our Japanese friends and work mates! :)  I was very happy to see how some of you welcome us back to SL after our holidays in RL. Now the real summer starts and as we are both in Europe, we struggle with some harsh weather. Storms, sooo much heat and then again sooo much rain. Well, i hope you have something planned for this years summer aswell! Enjoy all you can. :)  Kisses !

Now... i have to say i DON'T like Nicki Minaj at all but this song was soo catchy and i like it lots! lol
Happy tunage! (reminds me of our crazy holidays :P)

Sexy Pink Heart