Come to live in my heart, and pay no rent.

So guys, we reached the weekend! Im pretty much more often in SL now than RL basically because of my weather. It's pretty crazy but when it's cold, it's REALLY cold. When it's hot... it's FREAKING hot lol. 

Josef, how many times i wrote about this guy... 
He is like a part of me, only not attached to me literally. He make my worst days special and if i have to go to hell, i know he will follow me lmao. We are a team, best friends, lovers and 2 people with 1 feeling. If you have your own "pain" in the butt you can't live without, you definately know what i mean. 
I love YOU baby! And other girls or boys... i am sorry, i will never ever share my guy. ;)

Sexy Pink Heart