Life tastes better if you know what it consists.

Happy wednesday friends! I hope you are having much better weather than me. Here in the north of Europe we don't have so much sun in the summer and of course i wish i had some at least. :/  
Tomorrow i have a special set for my Japanese friends at Lucente Club and there will be one surprise, so you better come over. :)  (7am SLT, more info in Addicted to Electro group in world)
Things go so fast when i wish they were going slower, and other way. When i wish they went faster, time kicks my ass and goes slower. Can't wait till some things change. The other day i took my hubby to show him a few new stuff that i loved for him and guess what? He looks adorable now! :) Anyway, you probably noticed since i immediately changed my profile pic in world too. YUMMY!

I love this guy so fuuuuucking much, im so happy to have him. 
SL is nothing, he completes my RL! :)))) 

And for the end of this incredible post, enjoy this wrinkled male tummy. It's not me, Josef or anyone i know. I don't know what is wrong with his "lil one" there but i prefer don't know!!! ahahahaaha

Sexy Pink Heart