Hair Fair crazyness.

 DEMO above:  LaViere - Natasha (mesh) love love love it!
 DEMO above: Lamb hairs - Wild At Heart , In Heaven - both mesh.
 DEMO above: Leverocci - Amanda (I LOVE this simple hairstyle and textures on Leverocci hairs!!!), Lamb - Blue Velvet, Exile - Silent Wings - all mesh.
DEMO above: Ploom - Misha, Lelutka - Salome (before i blogged about other Lelutka hairs of HF), Elikatira - Sparrow.

Phewwwww! :D  This is just a tiny bit of whole HF hair collection! I picked my pretty much favorite ones. It took me some time to check all those demos of Hair Fair but i can honestly tell it was worth the time! I found some really beautiful hairstyles and as soon as possible i will buy some of the ones above. lool
Remember, purchasing at Hair Fair event, you are supporting kids. :) Have a lovely week, muaks!

For slurls and more information, go here:

Sexy Pink Heart