We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. - Mother Teresa

Hello lil ones. The lovely friday the 13th didn't work so bad i guess and yeah, i dont really believe in predictions BUT i do believe this weekend will be good to me! ;) I logged in today to take a few snapshots for my bloggey but uh huh... you know what kills me every time i log in SL? I think im just old (since feb 2009) or something, although i tried it for maybe ummm... 2 or 3 weeks on other avi back in 2007, and holy moly i DID NOT like it lol. Now i simply don't find it interesting at all. (both me and my RL boyfriend always log in together so don't ya think we are bored of eachother :P ahaha)

What keeps me in SL then? Well, once for a while me and Jo throw a live set or... we just hang out in weird places lol. You remember the feeling, when you join the whole game? How you thought the world of SL is endless and you will never get enough of exploring it? Meh... that's a (sowwy) b*****t. But hey, if you enjoy and want to experience something, you need your time to find out how your way will be like in the future. :)
Oh, damn. I do love mesh stuff too, let's just say thats a lil addiction i have right now UNLESS it doesn't fit me at all and yes, it does cost me alot sometimes to buy only a few things. :(

Enjoy your weekend as much as possible, remember the sun is shining for a reason. ;)

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