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Hai guys! Yeah, it's defo not my day ;___; Anyway, at least i fixed my lappy! (for now) lol
I could take proper snapshots without lagging and crashing or crashing while loading. Im on Toshiba Satellite (yeah, Toshiba) and of course all is gorgeous on it... less the fan. I clean it every time it gets stuffy with dirt and dust and thanks god it helps a lil! :) But... still, you never know what can happen!!!! I get rid of useless files sometimes and i make sure there is nothing that could make my lappy blow the fire again lol. Still though, if you are using a laptop yourself you sure know what solutions are the best for your own. Sometimes reducing power use helps, sometimes you have to check on your battery (exchange for new or take out for 10-15 min and put back in). Using a fan below your lappy cool it off too. (you can get those in media stores for lil money) or you can use anything (not paper and low quality plastic - will either burn or meltdown) that let the fan blow the air from the bottom, for instance this.  The most important though would be vacuuming your laptop fan off the dust. It may cause fire and in the worst case serious permanent damage.
However, i will send it to professional Toshiba service in a few weeks, so all will be checked and fixed! YAYYYYYYY :)
My Second Life goes so much better too! And i only cleaned the fan and scanned my registry for issues that may crash your hardware during loading. Although my Firestorm (latest update) is HORRIBLY SLOW to me sometimes (my inventory loads every god damn time i log in lmao), i am still illusioned about one stable version of this viewer.

Here comes one very good video, if ya ever struggled with laptop turn off problems:

This is how it should look like when youre lappy is ON:

Enjoy your weekend :)

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