Just me.

Hai hai :) I knooow it's a lazy ass sunday but you know, thats the unique moment for some relax and stuff! I been soo excited these days since it's really getting sunny and warm now, so dont think the northern Europe is just covered in snow all the year. :D
Not so much going around in SL, i mean... it seems like people prefer RL before SL now (me too :P) but ofc you will always find some guys who cant live without their "better selves"...eh.
I wanna say thankies to my followers (Addicted to Electro group), you keep my work soo cheerful for others! :) Im glad to spread some happiness with my music as i work on them alot, bringing the happiest tunes of funky electro and tribal (yes, thats because my hubby got me addicted lol)
If you wanna check out some more, here is my Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/djkaro

Have a lovely sunday and week !! ;)

tunage timeeeee

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