No dramas, just laughing.

Ok, i was cleaning my inventory and i accidently found a notecard that i recently received from some ALTER (come on, im not stupid :P). To make it more funny, this person deleted the account already and a few days ago i had another "funny" stranger trying to make me cheat on my boyfriend. (surprisingly the names are similar lol). Really, people are seriously bored, lifeless, jealous of simple things. Why would ya bother after so many months? Desperate telenovela actors and actresses.
That's the difference between people that have a real life and the ones that don't. I DO have one and i am sorry but i don't consider myself or my hubby being in the same level as all those drama guys. Come onnnn, Second Life bores ya? Try real life then, and buy yourself a doggie. I guarantee even him wouldn't support those babbles. :D

Well, thats just fine! Whoever she/he is behind that sick pixely face... i simply dont care.
You know why?

BECAUSE I TRUST MY GUY MORE THAN ANYONE... and more alters! hi5 in the face haters.

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