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Hi guys! Sooo Euro 2012 (football cup here in Europe :P), goes pretty exciting! I am a little dissapointed how my favorited teams score 1:1 or lose. A lot of surprises i guess but this is just a beginning! I watched ALL the matches, Spain - Italy, Germany - Portugal, Ireland - Croatia and today will be Sweden!! against Ukraine and before England vs France. Woohoo! I hope Sweden show class and at least get 2:1 or 1:1. It's ALWAYS better than losing! ;)
In Second Life things aren't so exciting lol. I noticed not so many people are into the same as us. Well :P Josef and i are very happy because of this summer. We have so much planned and these football matches are just sooo much for june!!!!!!!!!! ahahahaha
Ahhhh! Just to make things clear right! - FOOTBALL is HERE in Europe! I have a bunch of American friends complaining with me about it. Errmm guys... word "soccer" basically is NOT used for us and as the word "football" says - foot - ball! lmao you play with a FOOT and a BALL! So call it football when youre talking with me. :P Word "soccer" sounds like "sucker" to us. ahahhahaha But be cool about it cuz that's just differences between us. In most of the world football is callled this way. Soccer exists only for the US. And i never remember the word meaning anyway lol.
Enjoy your summah and don't forget behind the screen is more than you think. ;)

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