Hi sweeties! :)  My club (mine and Jo's) is ready for events! I'm soo excited because the place is very different than others and we planned a few things already. Seems like we will move on soon so if you would like to pass by, don't hesitate - HERE.  :))) Secondary, i thought i will recommend ya one shape store in SL (which i never ever visit since i LOVE my own shape lol)!!!!!! But sometimes prolly it's curiosity when you look through the blogs and you want to see... perhaps you likey? ;)
The owner was very nice and offered me some shapes for my current skin... i grabbed a few demos and since for now i prefer my own still (i don't change it for years lol), Bounce69 are modify, so try out some shapes yourself and maybe you decide for a change! :) For now, im getting back to work on club and thennnnn.... football match tonight! I'm crazy, uh?

Sexy Pink Heart