The main reason why im off SL now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EURO 2012!!!!!!!!! Fucking helllllllllllllllllllllllll how exciting it is for us, Europeans!!!!!!!!!! :D
Im of north naturally but im prolly supporting Spain aswell! Yesterdays match of Poland against Greece blew my ass awayyyyyyy! Full of action, very clear all the time - especially the first part of match. Obviously i support Poland :D  These guys are all so young, about my own age and they play like PROS of many many years! I don't wanna hurt anyone of Greece but omg i have to say.. everytime the referee (spanish) was giving out a yellow card... how many times you can fall down on the ground? :D  Anyway good luck! First match ended with a result of 1:1. Not bad either! ;) Chesneh (goalkeeper), Lewandowski and Tyton (goalkeeper) did freaking amazing job btw! :D
Russia against Czech Republic... omggggggggg Russia showed class big time! :D I was thinking they would lose but they were soooooo good all the 90 minutes!!!!!!!!! 4:1 wooop woop!  I was supporting them aswell so im glad they won cuz they really deserved it! :D Waiting for moreeeee!
SWEDEN IS PLAYING AGAINST UKRAINE and SPAIN against ITALY (sunday!!!) don't forget :D

 Opening ceremony with dancers, hungarian pianist and an italian DJ


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