Skin addict!

other credits: bikini: Lelutka, hair: Magika, necklace: Puncture (special for Glue Ink dress)

Im kinda considering getting it! First i didnt like it but after some adjustments in my shape, i think it's actually pretty good on me. :) I like the body! I always loved detailed skins more than some plain ones like Lelutka or Lara Hurley ones (pretty face but the body...). Anyway, for pretty face on the skin i STILL feel myself ready to buy it if it fits me! Obviously though, it's a plus if your whole body looks just as good as the face. I can recommend ya IT GIRLS for sure! I been there and saw very pretty ones to choose. Even choco one i liked. lol

Pink Fuel might release 'Alyx' soon, uh... damn, cant wait!!!!!!! Im a skin junkie so YES, im pretty excited about the new one that looks like here:

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant! lmao

Sexy Pink Heart