Back then, all seemed endless.

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Hai guys! Im soooo enjoying sunny weather in rl! I loooove it, maybe cuz im really tired of this depressing winter weather. Well, at least in the north of Europe and south prolly, spring is getting close! WOOO! :D 
Anywayz. I know i barely log in Second Life lately. Trust me, i dont hesitate when i see this sun outside lol. When i log in though, im basically hanging out only. The only work i do is my sunday live set at Beachwood Club.  Am i happy with all? Definately =)
I went to some old sims, welcome areas... it's not the same anymore. Do you remember back in 2007/8/9 when all of us were STUCK there for DAYS? At least i was almost 1 month stuck in the same sim, because i could rez there and i had absolutely no idea about teleporting to other places. Now these sims are uh... obviously visited by copybotters (yea, i know they were ALWAYS in SL), trolls and griefers. No more crazy ass newbs, no more camping for money. Let's face it, people prefer make hunts, buy freebies or get things from "friends" than spend hours on earning 5L$ per hour lol.
I swear, i joined SL and i thought it would be huge. I used to play World of Warcraft when i was uh... a teenager, and i never really liked to spend hours playing games since i knew how damn addicting it can be to me. :P 
Now, after years in SL, i don't "explore" anymore, i found it quite the same wherever you teleport. And actually the amount of logged people is even less than amount of people from my RL city lmao. (maybe cuz im on european timezone idk). What i still like of SL? Ummm... i dont really know. Some friends, dorking around!
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What is your SL like? 
I can only give one advice. Never make SL your RL. Enjoy the sun!!!!!!!!!! looooooooool ;)


One of my favs evah for ya. Turn it up!

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