Crazy SL vol. 2

I wonder sometimes... why there are such weird creatures hangin around SL. Having so much to choose between, do you really have to hurt my eyes (and many others) showing your huge boobs and ass? LMAO
Seriously, be whatever you want, thats your SL and you are free to become anything you want. But there are limits... at least for me. :P Anyway, being 3 metres tall and being ultra unproportional won't make ya so much sexy as a woman... unless you're a shemale or a drag queen. lol
Well, crazy SL. People were, are and will be something that they are not (or partly are) in their RL.
I always been myself and my SL av is nothing perfect either. :P But yeah, im nothing else than myself in both lifes.
AND NOW... i go to squeeze my hubby. ;) Busy week won't let me log in so much till the weekend but still, this is the way it is and i gotta go thru it!


Enjoy the pink lady (and her cotton pad in panties... o.O) :D

Sexy Pink Heart