Time goes with it's own tempo. You can't rush anything or it will go even slower.

Hai guys :) Today we gonna celebrate my rezday in Second Life!!!!! YES im maybe not as old as some of my friends or even my boyfriend who's now in SL more than 5 or 6 years now lool... but i guess i still reached the "hammertime" and it's like uh.... i turned 4 years in SL and... i can tell ya, im kinda feeling the opposite of what i felt when i actually joined. I was totally lost, although i loved the way i could explore slowly... there was no goals like in other games. Still though, all looked enormously huge, endless... i expected to meet friends i could possibly stay friends in RL aswell... but NOW i learned a lot about the real SL people and the world in there. However, i met my actual real life partner in SL, it's the unique thing i feel satisfied with! =)
I was a noob for a long time. I was a builder, a dancer lmao, clothes, shapes creator (had a little shop at my bro's sim ages ago and a marketplace shop), i was into club making, managing rentals, helping newbs at welcome areas (London Community, Swedish Orientation or however it was called), host in alot of clubs, starting at Element 8th and so on, i brought my passion (deejaying) into SL after ages... got a lil mixer in RL and started to enjoy my sets in world... i ended up spinning in RL aswell. Which i never expected to happen.
I was uh... pretty much all i could think of. Now im focused on my real life studies, job and future im building up with Josef. My SL mission is completed since a long time. All i could wish you guys, is the same. I got my ass kicked because sometimes i brought too much of RL emotions into SL (and yes, people in SL love to play with eachother .__.), but after all i feel glad all of this made me stronger. Life in any meaning is always an adventure. To get anything, you have to fight and put effort in it. Thats what i do, but in the RL. :)

Stay happy !!

DONT FORGET THE PARTYYYY TODAY @ Lucente Club (Japanese) !! \o/ 
6:00 me (DJ Karo - Swedish Breakfast) :D
8:00 DJ Josef Kurka 

+ dancers ahahahahh will be fun fun fun



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