Lazy days, a mug of hot tea, headphones on and...

Hai guys! How are ya doing? Been a lazy week, im on my winter break so no uni these days... for now at least. :P I have been trying the newest Firestorm viewer and works great so far. I liked Exodus aswell but... only in the beginning before i started to see weird glitches and bugs in my viewer, i decided to uninstall it and get back on Firestorm instead. o_O I sooooo can't wait till the summer! I won't tell ya so much of my personal things but YES, i have to say, i won't be so much online since... im going on holiday with my rl/sl love. ;)) I hope you enjoy your winter days and plan something nice for this year's summer too. Remember, SL is not everything, and should never become more important than RL, but there will be always a real person behind each and every "avatar". Im incredibly lucky to meet my boyfriend and we are nearly 1 year together now.
Maybe... or no. I DO know a lot of people can't stand this fact and is all jealous... but there's one advise then - stop being your avatar, be yourself. :)
Ohhhhh i forgot to mention !! :D

I made a fresh mashup, there is a few more to check out and maybe i will make some new soon. Remember on saturday is my rezday party and both me and Josef will make a raw electro partage for alll our friends @ Lucente Club (Japanese). Feel free to pass by !! =) Kissessss

TUNE !!!!!!

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