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Electro marathon for 10000th time! Yesss, im a huuuuge fan of DP in real life.
This post i won't share so much of SL but yeah, i have 2 Daft helmets in SL (wearables) and some shirts. Sometimes when you see me in world during my set, i might wear one ;). OK, so yeah. I always wished to see Thomas and Guy-Manuel performing live but damn, theyre getting old now and i doubt i will catch them one day in Europe lmao. *sighs*
Talking about DP, i have a few more electro musicians/producers that melt my ears and heart. I can mention here umm... Yuksek! (my latest pearl, i think he has soo much of the old DP! hes amazing), check here: "Tonight"! :)
Of course, the second favourite is DJ Mehdi. God damn he passed away last year during ceilling collapse in Paris. He was very, very good. Perfect tunages for your ipod if you need some chilling electro ;) My number one is definately "Signatune"! (yes, Jo. not only cuz the guy in the clip reminds me of u ;))
And of course my number three will be the rest. Martin Solveig, MOONCHILDDDDDDD! (check on Soundcloud, he rawks mah socks), Fatboy Slim (oldschool tunes are sooo funky!), Boys Noize, Disco Villains, Wolfgang Gartner, Spencer & Hill, Don Rimini, Dada Life from Swedennnnnn (i love Dadaaaa!), Crookers, Avicii (when dont get too commericial...), The Chemical Brothers OF COURSE, Armand van Helden and more. Oh, and yes, im addicted to tribal thanks to my love, haha. He was always my favorite DJ and still is, well... no wonder why i got addicted. If you play me a remix of DP with tribal, i might get really jumpy lol.

DP favorites:
  • 1. One More Time + Alive 1997 live set (AMAZING!), 
  • 2. Da Funk,
  • 3. Television Rules The Nation,
  • 4. Digital Love,
  • 5. Around The World,
  • 6. Human After All,
  • 7. Superheroes,
  • + 10000 more.


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