Nevermind the falling rain.

Oi :) The winter season is so close! It's been hard days, so much work... yet more to do is still coming. Till christmas at least. I always adored the whole winter charm, it's prolly my birthday time too! Anyway, today is a special day because me and Josef just turned 9 months together. I have nothing more or less to say than this, that i feel totally happy and really but REALLY completed. He is my man and sorry ALL the lil jealous ones around - i wont share with ya. :P NEVER.
I have been wondering alot of times, how it comes that you sometimes have to wait so long and go through the mental hell till you finally reach your treasure?
Sad coinsidence? Life is like that, seems like all have it's own value - however you take it. Well, just a lil thought of today. If you ever think you are now in a horrible period of your life, try to think the life is definately full of surprises... only keep an eye for the moment. ;)

I YOU BABY! You are my life.

A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Sexy Pink Heart