Just went through my oldies and decided to snap em' before i delete outta my inventory forever. My first shoes were prolly free, 10000 colors and of course the most ridiculous thing of the 'noob' times... bling. It was everywhere. I started SL in early 2009, i have been for about a week in 2007 too, it was way too boring to me back then and i forgot about it till 2009. Like shoes, all the things changes. Now we go through 'mesh revolution', switching viewers suitable with it. I won't lie, i LOVE mesh. Although i still think it's slightly more pricy than normal items, at least sometimes. Well, when i was a noob i remember how awesome it felt when you buy the 'original' shoes, damn lol who didn't experience that!? ;) My first 'real' shoes were pumps of Armidi. Then my skin, was uh... Tess or something, of LAQ. Can't remember lmao. And of course my freebie noob hair i fixed for the first time, visiting Maitreya. Back then, was much less creators than now. Now i must admit im bored of the whole SL thing and in a way i feel glad i gave it a try, as thanks to it, i had a chance to meet my actual real life partner. So, that's it! Just a few memories.

Sexy Pink Heart