A moment turns into whole life or whole life is just a moment.

Yeah, yeah. In my case a moment changed my life! :) Of course in a good, surprising way. Here i decided to post some of the most wondered questions by my friends and i usually dont answer much as its quite private.

1. Are you partnered in RL with someone?
- Absolutely. Since i partnered my SL guy, Josef, till now we became a RL couple aswell. Im very happy :) Im not a girl who could date/be with 2 guys lol. He's my only.

2. How is the SL - RL Karo?
- Im a young woman prolly, blonde, ambitious, dorky, REAL.

3. What you hate the most in SL?
- Straight and honest... bitches, liars, people who in RL would not dare to talk to you but behind the screen they act gods or divas... Mother of god, please.

4. What you do in SL nowadays?
- Im not so much into SL anymore, basically Deejaying, being pain in the ass!

5. A bit about RL...?
- Caroline... from the land of ikea lol

6. What fascinate you in SL?
- Now pretty much nothing. I used to explore alot, build and script all days but i guess i got bored of it. I never wanted to become a "celebrity" too, or a model. I think if you do what you feel for, you're the happiest.

7. How many bf did you have?
- Ok. 2 RL, 2 SL ... yeah. I always looked for a smart, mentally matured guy who will be laughing with me at the most stupid things. ;) I also care for the friendship which is a must be, before i start anything... BUT I FOUND HIM ALREADY SOOOO NEVERMIND ahahaha

8. Funniest memory of your SL?

And of course all the crazy memories about the Unique Club... ;)

Haters gonna hate. Love forever.

Sexy Pink Heart