Time to say it clear.

Whoooaaaaaaaaaaa! How SL can't live without drama kids, yeah.
And oh, thinking i'm stupid, or anyone that i know, is quite pathetic. Especially if yourself you are one, brainless person with no life. Your english begin on word "f*ck" and ends on "sh*t", goodluck with having a right argument against my opinion.
Prolly i changed my way, i stopped caring for these things since it's NOT my level.
I used to be quiet, not anymore though. Face the truth, whether you are this or that BE a freaking adult and don't search for unnecesary dramas that you all seem to "hate".
Second of all, it's my opinion and i'm not hiding my words behind a fake face, like most of SL. Sadly.
And please - before you ACT a superhero, stand in front of the word RESPECT, then open your mouth.
Can't get it? Then vice versa. Exept one thing - i don't lick anyone's ass to get a job, have friends and "family". That's amusing. :)
Bothering me, Jo, Kaz or anyone else only bore us, sorry but it reeeeally does.*yawns* 
So, that's it. Respect yourself and if YOU think you're such an adult, show it in other way, than coming over to the areas that you turn into one big kindergarden.


* This message is written for specific persons, i don't write the names since it's a pretty obvious thing.

NOTICE IN-WORLD from Josef, enjoy reading :D

"I think we are djs and before HUMANS... simply things than lately im being surprised for how many dramafuckers than only come in my sets for SPAM in local chat and try to fuck what the listeners try to enjoy. Anyway u are free for select what is bad or good for ya... If u come for listen music or for fuck a PERSON than dont care nothing for one dramafucker as u. GROW UP and be sure than i dont need spit in your sets when u are spining. Dont wish for ya what u dont wish for the others! :)"

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