5 months of happiness.

6th of March this year i was asked to be the better half of my actual love. We had our bad days, lil argues and days when we couldnt find words to talk, but after all i must admit - we are the happiest being completed now, fully honest and addicted to eachother, in SL and real life more! :)
Jo, you have no idea what you became to me. There is absolutely no one else like you for me and sorry - im NOT gonna share you with anybody. ;)
Well... what else can i say, still feels like we met yesterday but known eachother for ages. I know the past was full of LIARS and PLAYERS but you know, destiny can be surprising. You care more than anyone, and im more than happy to hear you telling me that in RL... cant wait to hug you!! ;)

PS: Greetings from us to all our "fans". We love ya too. ;)

Sexy Pink Heart