Our mission vol.2

LOOOOOL mission accomplished! I got a tp to another ultra crowdy and laggy perv place. I must say i never thought these places were so quiet. Alot of people probably comes for laugh, since no one actually have sex in those creepy places... maybe a few brave newbs. Hunt and Kaz were with me yesterday in one of those (not for sex lmao), we been watching the local chat and... oopsies. After a few mins all of sudden when i checked the banlist, i found myself and Kazuya on it hahaha. Prolly not for being abusive or griefing but... 2 or 3 gestures that the manager of this place called "spam" AHAHAHAHAHAH
Please people, if you wanna use ban systems on your sim at least learn the basic meanings of "spam". Gestures are used everywhere and unless your gesture dont show up 10000 times, thats actually ok. :D
However i would be banned i always want to know why, but this time was really amusing me so bad. Seeing a dead place full of sex anims thats just creepy but after all fun when crazy people like us comes and "SPAM" the chat LOL
Oh, dont forget getting age verification isnt all you need to "survive" there. These adult locations are usually full of bitter people searching for attention. ;)

Sexy Pink Heart