Second evolution.

People lose their minds in that pixel world,
forgetting how precious and valuable is the reality. The feelings in it, discovering, challenging can be a great lesson, experiencing new things. Everything is at least not rotating over a prim box. It's more than that. Breathe the air you have around you and find distance with your SL creature. It can be you but it's not. Most of SL people are in this game because it's quite addicting, secondary... they tend to escape of the real world for some reasons. We all joined it for some. I joined because i was simply curious. My Karo is my pixeled version of me... but i keep the most important parts of myself for the real world. Share you feelings and thoughts with the people that you really trust. That admit to have at least a real name. lmao

Was a long journey. For some time...
We can be either a reflection of who we are in reality or become someone we never could realise in reality. However as the life goes on in any worlds, the fantasy is limited and can dissapear faster than we think.

Just a thought i had since i watched the "Life 2.0" trailer i passed by while surfing on Youtube lol.

Thats pretty creepy anyway ahaha

Sexy Pink Heart