Hairs, hairs, hairs!


Oh god, im a total hair freak. I love them more than shoes and other stuff, i collect them and im probably a little late with the news but... Taketomi is here! New hair collection and more to come in the closest future! I am soo excited, these are super cute and a lil different than others i have... which makes them even more worth getting. The creator is the same as the Burley one. (you definately know the girl. She made some of my favorite hairs actually!) :)

Bella Earst (owner) also announced two other brands: Collective and Gavi (for guys) which will arrive to SL soon too. I hope! ;)  
I been waiting for some uncommon hairs for a while. My favorite one of the ones i picked to show u a little (above) is probably Baby. Kinda inspired me to match it with some pin up outfit as soon as i find matching clothes for it, ill get the hair. They are all for spend your money lol.

Get a demo and see what you like. 

Lelutka will be releasing 3 new hairs on 21st November (wednesday) too.
Preview HERE

Sexy Pink Heart