When you get that feeling, it's right to think twice.

Hi people! :) I know it's been a while since i posted here anything lately but i have some reasons why i could not do it. First of all my RL got busy and i get absolutely no feelings or ideas for blogging. Maybe it's just me but i have been posting since ages and blogging today is nothing special anymore. I do keep this blog because it's sort of my own diary of my SL. I like to look how i was months ago and how all changes. However myself being honest with you should not make you feel bad in any way! ;)  I only underline that i don't see any special reasons to keep the "fashion" posts anymore. I like to shop and collect beautiful stuff, YES. But i don't know if i have enough time and money (i buy everything, i don't have any "free copies" or something), so i have to give myself some time to get new ideas because i don't want to share crap with ya, only to post anything. Every time i share any outfits i share what i actually wear on myself, not only for the pic.  And in the same time i want to recommend my favorite items in the best way i can.

So thats it. Before blogging, i am into DJing and this is my real passion. If you're looking forward some good music, check out my set at Beachwood Club or Funky Pussy Club on Sunday this week! :)
For more info join .Addicted to Electro. group in world or hit me an IM (Karola Silversmith)

Hugs n kisses!


... before my break, enjoy the stuff i loved lately. :)

hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - Blonds
shirt: Color.Me.H.O.F [ButtonDownShirt[Black] NEW
pants: Emery - Mesh Skinny Jeans Verve Burlap
shoes: *MonCheri* Mesh Peep Toe Pumps -Black Collection-

Sexy Pink Heart