The air i breathe.

Well... today im in a weird mood. Perhaps the june will get better as last months been pretty busy and i still can't get used to my holidays. (thinking of all, less relaxing :P)
I mentioned this sentence so many times, however on my own blog, im gonna keep the thoughts i want. I belong to my sweet hubby... sometimes he's my pain in the butty but. You know the feeling when you think "god, i can't anymore with this person" and then you realise how much you love it aswell? That's pretty crazy stuff about human minds. Never fully understood. Always mysterious.
I think im babbling so much today... i have days when i definately don't synchronise my words with my thoughts lol. Since i have nothing else to say more, i can finally admit YES, im a lil disaster sometimes!!!!!!! But who's not? (well... im still staying the queen) ahaahaha
SL sucks. It affects people way too much sometimes, even when we admit we "don't feel affected" - you still being messy because of some "SL-ish" thing that happened. WELL...WELL...
Enjoy your weekend and remember each day with some happiness, even a tiny bit of it, is worth another. Happiness is the best drug for every living being! :)

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