Do you want the BIGGEST websites like Facebook, eBay, Youtube, BLOGS to dissapear? NOW it's more than sure it will happen if you don't support the petition. We have to do ALL we can to show the GOVERNMENT of America, that taking the MONEY of something that for SO MANY YEARS was going without bigger problems, and NO - i do not support piracy, but in fact we can't ever stop the people from hacking, sharing files and more. In time, all the services improve so much for protect the copyrights - example? Youtube do not allow using soundtracks without the permission. (in time, they might remove your sound from the video. It happened to me.). That's partly a reason why so many youtubers decided to leave as things got quite bothering. ALL IS BASED ON MONEY AND COMMERCE... you can see damn commercials in EVERY almost every video. Back in 2009 i can barely remember Youtube being so bad as now. and Megavideo, filesharing services were just closed. Obviously, because of the changes that started to get into our life. What more, THAT MEANS us, bloggers, will NOT be able to use anything without the right permissions, use any links, photos, videos, shares, NO FREEDOM.
From my part as author of Karola's Bloggey, i only would say i am TOTALLY against the politics or anything of that trying to suck the money out of other internet users. All the stupid excuses about piracy is a total BULLSHIT! PEOPLE LIE only to get more of the most popular services on web.
Do you want to see your blog/website down, because of one posted video or image? Fight for freedom of speech! We should be allowed to share and connect all sorts of goodness online, worldwide. All the illegal stuff, i definately would leave as the responsibility of the services. And like i mentioned before, you can hate me or not for this post, but IP protection and all that, is just an excuse to blind us. If you think about it, you will realise eventually, how naive the "supporters" are, believing the whole Censorship would help anything. There is a solution for all, and all of that, is improving, less the healthy mind of the hungry of money people.

Karola Silversmith / Blog Author

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