My little RL addiction! Thanks God it's not in SL too!

Haaaaaai lovelys!
Yes, im sooo addicted to lovely fragrances!! I have maybe 3-4 on my cupboard and about 1-2 in my bag for everyday use. I guess everyone have a weakness for something, i dont spend so much money on clothes or i never go to hairdresser (which doesnt mean i look like a creep!!!! lol). I usually buy less but very good quality. I dont know why but even in Second Life i see myself that way lol. I guess it's 90% worth the price. What i wanted to leave on my bloggie today is my little selection of my SOOO favorite fragrances in RL! Why would i do that? Cuz im freaking loving it and it's prolly a part of the Karola you probably know from SL. ;)
Apart of that, i would recommend you these and if ya still prefer spending your money in other things, that's absolutely fine. I guess though all of us like to have something that kind of makes us happy. Now i go rest a bit! I was struggling with my hawrible Firestorm again today, i reeeeeally hope the FIXED update will come up soon!!!! Uh well... ni ni!

1 - DKNY, Be Delicious
2 - Thierry Mugler, Angel
3 - Escada, Sunset Heat
4 - Cacharel, Amor Amor
5 - Jean Paul Gaultier, Classique
6 - Ralph Lauren, For Women
7 - Moschino, Chic and Cheap Hippy Fizz

Sexy Pink Heart