Testing the new Firestorm release

Was a long day, nearly half day testing the new Firestorm Official Release... god damn that dissapointed me and Josef. We been crashing several times, well... after all in my case clean install helps more or less. One of my biggest issues is the graphics and tags - i noticed even if you change your color it still shows as red/green to others. I also HATE the way the profiles look, it's just a lil mess to me and some symbols don't show up properly. Graphics are very individual for every pc prolly, although SL always required a good pc if you expect to see the whole thing right and sharp. You CAN set your graphics nicely though, if you make sure your pc can handle it! Multiple layers, mesh, refreshing textures, new appearance editing mode is a plus to me. Teleports also go just perfect. :) Im most of the time on a laptop so i definately won't go further than now (snappy above). I can add shadows in PS anyway. Do you also deal with some issues in the newest update? Bugs? I bet. Cuz the Phoenix team just announced the other, more fixed update very very soon. IM READY! :D

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