Life brings the challenges for make us stronger.

Morning lovelys! 

So yeah. I blog less and less, i focus on my real life and my Second Life is for now my secondary thing. I found my happiness after 2 years of being in SL and i guess it's been my point of still being in world. I never searched for adventures or "one night stand" on Skype. That's NOT what i ever looked for. I always respect people, but i can't accept people spitting random insults at me or my cared ones. It's childish. As hell.
My life is very simple, i live for my dreams, i work and study for realise them one day. I think if you don't have anything on your mind, you start to lose your patience and you get kinda lost in your own thoughts.
Anyway, that's a very individual thing. I don't like to speak about my private things but i do like to speak about life. For me it's the biggest treasure we all have. My second life began in a very bad time of my real life, i searched for some place for "settle down" my thoughts and forget the stress of real life. Like many of us i think. I never been "obsessed" though about being someone else than i really am. Which scares me about many. How often you see the beautiful faces in the 1st life profile page, how often you heard about "i dont have a webcam"? Married women, men or single moms acting "fresh and single"...hey, for what? Do you really think playing like that will help anything? Lies suck, and more do the liars. Acting sick, begging for caring and attention... hiding a real life secret, for gods sake guys.
People DO cover themselves for many reasons, but this fact will never affect ANYONE in a good way. Trust me, im fully myself i only tell what i have to throw out of my head.
During those 2 years i realised how easily people manipulate with others, without considering the real feelings. Let's take it straight and honest - alot of second life users only search for a partner for sex or... a secret lover. Eventually for a business (club, shop etc.). Finding real friends or partner in Second Life is a chance of maybe 30%, if not less. Did you ever notice in the right corner of your log in screen, how many users is daily online? It's usually less than 60.000 people, of course depends on timezones (thats probably even less than amount of the people in a medium city)...and SL is a worldwide community. Intresting, dont you think? ;)
I was always fascinated in a way how SL can bring great opportunities into learning in universities or medical schools. Im sure the whole thing will move on even more soon. For me, it was a "good ride" for a while, then it just became a sort of everyday thing, you get used to and....bored of.
Now i can say it, im building up my real life and im in that time when all keeps my hands busy. Same with my boyfriend, Josef. :)
We love our friends in SL, especially our Japanese friends who always keep us company and support! For sure we will never lose the touch guys. :) Exept that, we are very happy, thinking of our life together and nothing, NOTHING can break what we have built in our hearts. I call it "this moment" of your life when something special happen. A pixel turns into one real touch, a gesture turns into one real kiss... what else can you need...? ;)

Hugs & kisses!!!!!

Sexy Pink Heart