Priceless stuff vol.2

Haha, here we go again with the jealous, bored people giving ya the best entertainment. Actually - literally, since DJ Josef is loved by many followers, and this amazing news just blew away the charm of GOL. :D Why i think so? Check this out and find out the pathetic truth.

This is so funny. I gotta say it because half of SL is already laughing at you (im not gonna write the names since it's obvious enough). And more since we always do our work well.  You simply don't realise what you lose unless you end up with a shit. :D The club is dead like 70% of the time. I know, because i was working there for a while.

Next time Dear GOL DJ Managers - when you wanna say anything to your staff FOR GODS SAKE make a NEW NOTECARD and write your OWN words. Show some respect to the person you consider as the "bad" one. Uh, really.
Whatever you might think, only by seeing different creator and name in it, you die laughing. Trying to poison someone's life in the way you do is just so lame.

Secondly - I understand The GOL wanna show their level in the best way they can, but i totally don't doubt it! :D ... unless you say:

"2.-  When you finish your slot and there's no dj next, you never set radio and leave the club without any music."

AHAHAHAH oh Dear, where have YOU been when the mentioned DJ was MISSING?
Josef loves to spin but he is not that stupid to countdown for himself. LMAO

And btw...
"1.-  You never make a properly countdown to the next dj."

You guys understand now, how pathetic can be the people who get more than they can take.
No offence, just my opinion.

Lots of love from me and Josef! :D

Sexy Pink Heart