Challenge: First mesh!

Ok, i gotta say this thing is quite impressive for photo use, clothing fits just perfectly and looks great on any shape... although my experience leads to my little doubts.
Meshes are prolly becoming more popular, as you noticed already. Alot of creators sent "try out" mesh gifts or released new mesh clothing. It's just great, but still most of us uses Phoenix viewer (used to V1) which did not release an update that supports meshes yet (not even multiple layers uhh...).

To see meshes you need to use Viewer 3, Kirstens or probably Firestorm (im sure soon). I PRAY FOR MULTIPLE LAYERS in Phoenix! Or actually any good viewer with interface of V1 (my preference since i hate V2). Please guys, give us a tiny update with it! \o/

Other thing - Meshes do not support any huds (so far as i saw and heard). For example you cant resize, change textures (check newest SLiNK mesh boots, Lelutka's boots - no huds!). I doubt people will be so much into mesh items unless there will be an update of one viewer that most of us use.
Without the right viewer, your mesh clothing will appear to others (and you too) as deformed, round sculpts with alpha on. (invisible body)

More helpful info here:

Anyway, dont be afraid to test meshes. Have fun! ;)

pants: JANE - wide leg pant.zooey.truffle MESH
shoes: LeLutka - Pow Pumps in black
shirt: (epoque) -Lace Onesie - Black + Hucci bra

Sexy Pink Heart