Prim lashes...

  • Stand on a pose stand, good adjusting needs precission.
  • Zoom on your avi's face with mouse, then Ctrl + Alt + 0 (same + 9 to zoom out)
  • Now click on your lashes and in Edit → check on Edit Linked Parts and make sure you're on Position (not Rotate, Stretch etc.)
  • Carefully move each prim to fit whole lash on your eye. Zoom on sides to see them too.
  • You're done!


(my favorite, when i wear different hair of darker color)

Ok, basically lashes are such a small but important part of my av. I think the eyes, skin look so much better with them than without. I hate flat, pale eyes, although i like to use bright eyeshadow tattoo layers sometimes.
Im obsessed with skins, hairs and eyes more than clothes. lol I give a lot of attention to details and for that im doing my quick review. :)

I LOVE prim lashes! They look awesome on blonde hair. I was going really mad with the old lashes that always went through the streaks! Anyway, compare yourself.

Personally i love Lelutka's prim lashes. They're well fitted for my eye shape (adjusting is horrible but try to adjust shape if you cant fix single parts). They're much much softer and cuter than for example other ones from Catwa. They are nice... but in my opinion look really heavy on eyes and really unnatural. Just my taste though.

Shirt: BOOM
Necklace, Nails, Belt: Mandala
Skin: Belleza
Pants: Luck Inc
Hair: Magika

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