Dumb people part. 1!

Russian noob vs. Me !
Girl in the convo was random lol

[06:03] Sergey Xxx: i want...)
[06:03] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): ⓁⒶⓌⓁ
[06:03] Sergey Xxx: where are yoy from...?
[06:04] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): Sweden.
[06:04] Sergey Xxx: and town?
[06:04] Delta Xxx: at least you 2 have a common language: vodka
[06:04] Delta Xxx: j/k
[06:04] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): -.-
[06:05] Sergey Xxx: you have mistake...
[06:05] Delta Xxx: that's only really the Russians and the Finnish
[06:05] Sergey Xxx: it was beer...
[06:05] Delta Xxx: but you're close enough.
[06:05] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): Swedish arent Finnish
[06:05] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): ⓁⒶⓌⓁ
[06:05] Sergey Xxx: Ukrainian....
[06:05] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): gawd
[06:06] Sergey Xxx: .....
[06:06] Sergey Xxx: go ahead...
[06:06] Delta Xxx: well, okay then. FORMER Russian.
[06:06] Delta Xxx: (until 1991.)
[06:06] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): yeah in the past
[06:07] Sergey Xxx: are you afarm??
[06:07] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): what? what?
[06:07] Sergey Xxx: sorry...
[06:07] Sergey India: i badly print ENGLISH....
[06:08] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): no worry.
[06:08] Sergey Xxx: i attempt that you are from norcheping//
[06:09] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): huh? whatever it is - no.
[06:09] Sergey Xxx: mm
[06:09] Sergey India: suspect....
[06:09] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): ✖ FAIL ! ✖
[06:10] Sergey Xxx: and...
[06:10] Sergey Xxx: OSLO..........................&?
[06:10] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): Oslo ahhahahaha
[06:10] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): its NOT Sweden
[06:10] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): its in Norway
[06:10] Ҡαԅợ Ҡuԅкα (karola.silversmith): looooool king dork

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