Hello friends! So i just got back from the vet with my RL baby doggie! (the dog belogs to my bro) However! I do take care of him since he needs so much care of everyone. YES. The puppy is a mix of Basset Hound breed and some uh... stranger lol. He does look and act like basset and i suppose the unique thing after his "dad" is probably the color and eyes.
His name is Marley.
He is adorable and even though i am allergic, i do love his fluffy butt
and he's now another member of the family.
My Zooby dog from SL just got bored to me lol. Say hello to this lil warrior! ;)

And yes, im going back to uni in a few, so i won't be able to work and log in to Second Life as much as now, so if you need to sort out some stuff with me before, please leave me a message as i probably won't reply later. Anyway my blog posts will be here. I'll try to keep it up. Thank you!

Enjoy your week! :)

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