EPIC SL TIME vol. 3 - The Final Episode.

Wihooo! "copy and paste" time! 
You say it, you have it :)

Right boys n gurls. We (me and Josef) are probably the most loved people in SL lately.

We are tired of bloody drama faces and more bitter people who keep digging the unnecesary subjects. AND YES Dear GOL MANAGER (i don't mention full name because of the TOS - violation of privacy) - I have "fantasies" about you and i "want attention". PLEASE, try to use think more with your brain that you know we all have it.
My blog posts are only a way to show my opinion and i have a full right to think different than you. So yeah, facepalm yourself cuz we will NEVER waste our time on the GOL anymore and prolly being banned would be a pleasure. You know "you love it". ;)

The reason why WE back off from the whole GOL shit is simple as it is - our level dont reach this low. We dont pick our noses between the things we dont need - WE HAVE A REAL LIFE and sorry but caring for this whole GOL telenovela would get quite amusing. People who live in their "SL families" seriously suffer for mental problems. Maybe not all but you surely know the cases. A BUNCH OF FAKE PEOPLE loving eachother for business. Lame.
Try to enjoy SL and make it a friendly, open for creative people place for ALL the residents instead or turning people's brains into water.
Really, cmon. I dont care your tags, its about the nasty attitute some people spread around.

So yes. For the "attention" and good laugh, enjoy the ending of the GOL Story. :)

Dxxx Kxxx: i wonder why u guys still here if u feel so unconfortable
Dxxx Kxxx: 70% club empty? hahaha 70k of traffic did u mean, right?
Karola Silversmith: aw ty for caring for us
Dxxx Kxxx: yes u're in gol staff
Dxxx Kxxx: but i dont care about u as u want to
Dxxx Kxxx: or as u dream to
Dxxx Kxxx: that's ur fantasy
Dxxx Kxxx: leave the group if u feel uncofortable
Dxxx Kxxx: why u still here?
Dxxx Kxxx: u like to be fired?
Dxxx Kxxx: u love it right
Dxxx Kxxx: u always need to do something to get ppl attention
Dxxx Kxxx: cuz that's what ordinary ppl like u do
Dxxx Kxxx: copy and paste
Dxxx Kxxx: come on
Dxxx Kxxx: yeah that's it !
Dxxx Kxxx: :)

[08:59]  Second Life: You have left the group 'GOL Entertainment'.
( sorry for taking you this pleasure of firing ;)
So now search for new victims, cuz we are not your victims anymore.

The End. *ending theme*

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