A lack of respect.


As you know behind the DJane im also a human, i have a normal life and i love someone. For that - if any of the people in here or anywhere else have a purpose to hurt for the WRONG and NOT PRECISED reasons, please back off before SL become a kindegarden again. Whats the problem? Lemme tell ya guys.
I was REPORTED (god knows how many times and for what) for supporting one club (not a popular one), of course anything can happen, things didnt work out best as success is always depending on effort... in that case was a lot of work of 2 people only. DAMN YES i left, and anyone has a right for that. Respect your staff, dont let the ultra big ego destroy you. Some people out there cant stand it, for that i say clear - whoever you trust, work for, be aware of fire back from their side.

THERE THEN - as i prolly get BANNED (wtf) now, for NOTHING, i open my eyes wide and stare at all those who simply have no idea about their work and treat the staff like animals.

Sorry but im taking out my white flag out now and im giving up on ALL THE DAMN DRAMA QUEENS. I WONT explain anything, and i wont dig the hole they already threw us in. (me & my bf)

Thank You.

Sexy Pink Heart